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Driveway Pavers

Driveway Pavers

A driveway leads-up to the entranceway to your home and its one of the first elements that can be noticed on your property. Ensuring that you install an attractive covering for this space is one way of adding value to your property and enhancing its curb appeal. Driveways can have gravel or concrete installations, but the ones that have pavers look very distinctive and interesting.

It is also possible to add similar pavers in the adjacent walkways and the paths to add to the cohesiveness of the space. Edsons Pavers has been creating stupendously beautiful landscapes in and around Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Temecula, for a number of years. Most of our clients like the effect that pavers of different kinds create on their property. Take a look at the ones you can choose from, to give your outdoor spaces a unique look:

The Range of Driveway Pavers

When it comes to the designing and landscaping space, there are always new product launches and new trends. With our years of experience, we are able to provide you with the kind of driveway paver’s installations you need and create spaces that you will love to live in and look at. The ranges of paving materials that are available are:

  • Concrete Pavers- These are ideal driveway pavers. They are strong and durable and we can install them on any other open spaces on your property too. In most cases, these are interlocking pieces and are set on a layer of compacted sand

  • Brick Pavers- These pavers are also perfect for driveways. If there are any other brick elements in your landscape or even on the exterior of your house, we can install these beautiful and earthy-looking driveway pavers for you. These tend to be much lighter in comparison to brick pavers, are able to withstand weather changes and are durable as well

  • Natural Stone- These driveway pavers are elegant and long-lasting and are available in smooth and textured finishes. You can also choose from ones made of flagstone, bluestone, travertine or slate. These are typically set in concrete with mortar/sand and have slip-resistant properties

  • Tile Pavers- If natural stone is not your style, you can opt for tile pavers. These are available in a range of the colors and textures and it is possible to find skid-free driveway pavers too.

The Distinctive Look

When you contact us for driveway pavers installation, we will survey the area and provide you with a suitable quote. We always maintain very realistic pricing and very high-quality standards in every project we take up. We have the expertise to handle projects of every scale and also ensure that it is completed within the pre-decided schedule.

We can procure the kind of driveway pavers you want and create attractive patterns with pavers that are low-maintenance, attractive, versatile and cost-effective. We are the recommended landscape specialists for hundreds of customers. Contact Edsons Pavers on 951-443-0281 for the best driveway pavers installation in the region.

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