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Outdoor BBQ's

Outdoor BBQ's

A lot of homeowners are now focusing on designing the outdoor spaces around their homes. The one way of doing this is to add elements like outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, fireplaces, grills and outdoor BBQ’s. Adding these too different areas on your property in and around Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Temecula, makes these areas more livable and it gives you a reason to use these spaces in a more effective manner.

The Benefits

In addition to this, adding an elaborate outdoor BBQ to your patio or deck increases the value of your home too. When you choose to use these grills and BBQ’s, you also end up eating more healthy food. All-in-all, it’s a great benefit to have these features added as standalone pieces or integrated into your outdoor kitchen. Edsons Pavers has been creating amazingly beautiful outdoor spaces for residents across the region.

Our focus on quality materials, the most skilled labor and attention to detail have made us the landscaping company of choice for hundreds of customers. We can create simplistic designs for outdoor areas, as well as elaborate ones. The space that gets created around an outdoor BBQ can be used for entertaining as well as for relaxing with your family.

Customized Solutions

Once you have told us what your exact requirement is, we will provide you with customized solutions that fit right in with your style and design needs. Even as we focus in the aesthetics, we never lose sight of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

We also ensure that only the best materials are used and that the supervision is up to the mark. The installation of the outdoor BBQ’s will be dependent on your personal choice of fuel as well, and you can choose from:

  • Charcoal BBQ’s- Briquettes/wood is used to fuel charcoal BBQ’s. If you so like, you can use different wood and lend a range of flavors to the food that is being cooked there. Though you get a very distinctive flavor in the food, with the charcoal, it does tend to get a little smoky and messy. But if that is what you prefer, we will ensure that the outdoor BBQ’s had the right setting and counters.

  • Gas BBQ’s- These will be powered by gas from the main line in your home. The ones that operate on propane will require installation of propane tanks near the grills. We are able to handle all the installation work of these BBQ’s too and can customize them to your requirement

  • Electric BBQ’s- These are probably the cleanest and most-convenient type of outdoor BBQ’s. We will ensure that they have been set safely in the counter space, but you will find that they are very easy to maintain

Excellent Outdoor BBQ Installations

When it comes to quality and skill, we are very focused with all our work. We handle every job in a very expert manner and ensure that you get the kind of outdoor BBQ’s you have always wanted. Contact Edsons Pavers on 951-443-0281 for the most functionally- designed outdoor BBQ’s spaces.

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