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Pool & Deck Pavers

Pool & Deck Pavers

A number of homes across Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Temecula have swimming pools. These pools may be in-ground or above-ground ones but they all have a certain amount of space around them. It is important that these surrounding spaces be paved and maintained well as there is a lot of water here, which increases the risk of slipping.

It’s crucial that these materials be chosen with care and the aspects that have to be kept in view are functionality, aesthetics and durability. Edsons Pavers has been working very consistently and expertly in the landscaping space and we have created some stunning pool deck paver installations at this time.

Customized Effects

These areas can be treated at the time the pool is being built and this will make the project more cost-effective. But if you need the poolside areas paved later, we can do that for you too. We use the highest-grade materials in the installation and ensure that the work is carried out to your complete satisfaction.

We also recommend that when the pool deck pavers are being installed, the surrounding areas should be treated and beautified as well. If this is something you want, we can add planter boxes, pillars and raised seat walls. Adding a bit of recessed lighting enhances the ambiance of the area. It is also possible to install solar pool deck pavers in the path that leads to the pool and its surrounding spaces.

How you Benefit

There are a number of benefits to installing pool deck pavers, such as:

  • Aesthetics- These pavers look amazing and the space gets an immediate lift

  • Strength- Pool deck pavers are very strong and durable. We use specialized installation techniques and ensure that the paving is sealed carefully. All you have to do is power wash this area to keep it clean and looking new

  • Low-Maintenance- When we add any features to your property, we ensure that they are low maintenance and so is the case with these pavers. This reduces the overall cost of the material

  • Non-Slip- You should opt for textured pavers around pool areas. Travertine ones are excellent for these areas as they are porous and they are not excessively hot on bare feet

  • Repair- In case of any damage to the pavers, they can be repaired with very little hassle. They are individual units and are set on compacted sand, which makes replacement very easy. In addition, it is not difficult to find similar pavers if required

  • Cost-Effective- These pavers are a very cost-effective option. This is primarily because the installation is simple and they are very long-lasting too and their maintenance costs are also very low

The fact that these pool deck pavers are available in a range of colors, designs and styles, makes them all the more ideal for poolside installations. Call on 951-443-0281 on for the most creative swimming pool paving ideas and see the outdoor spaces of your home come to life. Call Edsons Pavers today.

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