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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

A number of properties have graded land or they may just be positioned against a slope. When any kind of landscape installation is being carried out on this type of land, it is important to take this slope/grading into consideration. It might not always be feasible or necessary to level out the entire property just to get the landscaping done.

Graded Land

Edsons Pavers are experts in the landscaping domain and we have been making waves across homes in Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Temecula with our stunning designs and landscaping concepts. But along with the design aspect of a landscape, it is also important to ensure that all the safety aspects be taken into consideration.

Graded land looks great and also offers a unique opportunity for landscapers to use this natural grading to create unique-looking landscapes. But it is important to treat these areas well. Adding retaining walls in strategic positions can go a long way in providing support to the slopes and ensuring that all the other areas are not damaged in any way.

Types of Retaining Walls

Though retaining walls are specially built for supporting slopes and adding some stability to the landscape, they can also be used in a number of different applications, all of which add to the versatility and functionality of these elements. There are different types of retaining walls and the ones we use on your property will be based on the function that they will be serving. Take a look at what the different types of walls are:

  • Gravity Walls- These very effectively resist any pressure from behind

  • Cantilevered Walls- These walls can hold horizontal pressure very effectively and then convert it into even, vertical pressure

  • Piling Walls- Generally, these are used in softer soils and tight spaces

  • Anchored Walls- These could be any designs that have just been mentioned- However, the additional features they have are the cable reinforcements that are anchored into the surrounding soil and rocks

The Benefits

  • Value Add – Most landscape additions add value to a home, and retaining walls, even more so. They clear spaces and you are also able to allocate areas for certain applications as required

  • Low-Maintenance- These walls are very low maintenance. Once we have constructed them with the best materials they can last for generations. If a dry stack wall has been constructed, the only thing you will have to do is move around the position of the stones once in a while

  • Durability- We use very high grade materials in the retaining walls we build and this ensures they will be able to weather the elements effectively

  • Functionality- We build very precisely engineered walls that are able to withstand a significant amount of weight. They are able to contain soil erosion and add stability to the land and the entire landscape too.

If you want any retaining walls build and want to be assured of the highest quality materials and labor, contact Edsons Pavers on 951-443-0281 and we will provide you with the best quotes.

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