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Walkway Pavers

Walkway Pavers

On any residential property, a walkway is a path that leads & directs to any entrance or garden area. This could lead to the main entranceway of your home, a barbecue area, a pool, gardens, and garage or patio entrances. This also means that these paths will see a lot of foot traffic. We at Edsons Pavers like to create landscape features and elements that are strong, durable, aesthetically appealing, functional and long-lasting; and walkway pavers can meet all these requirements beautifully well.

Customized Installation

We can pave the walkways with stone, brick or concrete pavers. The material we use will be based on your personal choice as well as factors like looks and budget. For instance, if you already have some natural stone elements in your landscaping, adding walkway pavers made of stone would be a good idea. If you are constructing a walkway that leads to a pool house that has brick facing, you might want to use brick pavers for the path. This will make the entire area look very well-designed and seamless in appearance.

Types of Pavers

We have very expert landscape designers who will be able to provide the best paving designs. We can help with material selection as well as complete installation. When we handle your walkway pavers installation project, care is taken to ensure that all the detailing is perfect and that the final product is stunning and functional. Take a look at how the different types of pavers stand up against each other:

  • Concrete pavers are very durable and strong and since they are manufactured products, are available in a range of colors and designs. We can also create different patterns based on your specific tastes and requirements. They are versatile and will not get damaged easily. These are heavier compared to brick and natural stone ones

  • Brick pavers look amazingly beautiful. They have a rustic charm and look great in most settings. This is especially on account of their natural coloring. These too are very long-lasting and low maintenance and will last for a number of years. If you need to replace any due to any kind of damage, we can replace them for you. Since there is a natural variation in the color of brick walkway pavers, the replaced brick pavers will not be very noticeable

  • Natural Stone pavers look very stunning and are available in flagstone, bluestone, travertine, limestone and slate. These could be smooth textured or may have a rough texture as well. The latter are excellent for these outdoor spaces ad they are largely anti-slip in nature

Expert Installation

Regardless of the kind of walkway pavers you use, it is crucial that the installation be handled in an expert manner. In addition, we also ensure that all the joints are sanded as required and that the sealant application is carried out properly. When you call us on 951-443-0281 for walkway pavers' installation, one of the Edsons Pavers’ expert staff will come out to your location and then provide you with a suitable quote and we will also ensure that the work is carried out to perfection.

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