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Outdoor Firepits

Outdoor Firepits

Landscaping elements such as fireplaces and outdoor fire pits are an excellent way of enhancing the look of the outdoor areas on your property. They add a very distinctive look and create very impacting focal points in the landscape. You can use these outdoor areas in a more functional way and they also add to the aesthetics of your home.

The area around outdoor fire pits also becomes a natural entertainment spot and one where you can spend leisurely moments with your family. Interestingly, adding grills to them makes them a cooking source too and you can grill food even as you enjoy the warmth they provide.

Creating an Impact

When Edsons Pavers handles your outdoor fire pits project, we ensure that all the elements are in place and that all they all blend in beautifully with the rest of the landscaping. If installation of the fire pits is part of a broader landscaping project, we will ensure that similar materials and design concepts are used. But, we can also install a fire pit of your choice as a standalone project and can incorporate it into your existing landscape.

We have the creativity, experience and the insight to create outdoor spaces that look good, are low-maintenance and ones that will last for the life of your home. We prioritize design and use only high-quality materials in every project that we take up. In addition, we deploy highly-skilled personnel to carry out the installation in the least possible time. When you approach us with your outdoor fire pits requirement, we survey the landscaping and suggest which spot would be best for the fire pit.

The pit will need some surrounding space for seating and we also have to understand which fuel you will be using. In some areas, the local councils do not permit the use of fire wood. In this case, propane or gas fire pits will have to be installed in your landscape. If you opt for propane, we can install a tank which will hold the fuel. On the other hand, if you decide to use gas, we will install a gas line that extends from the one in your kitchen.

Expert Installation

When we handle the installation of outdoor fire pits for you, we focus in on concept, design styling and shape. We create customized fire pits and can build the size and shape of pit you want. Though square and round pits are commonly found in homes across Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and Temecula, we can design and install other shapes of outdoor fire pits for you.

We add decorative and heat-absorbent fillings like lava rock or recycled glass to the pits and then ensure that all the building norms are adhered to. For the best outdoor fire pits in the region, contact Edsons Pavers on 951-443-0281 today. One of our expert designers will understand your requirement and we will provide you with the best and customized solution to provide you the look and ambiance you are looking for.

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